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21 March, 2001

-58 45 Latitude

45 04 Longitude

Last day

Just when we thought we were done with sediment coring, they decided to take one last jumbo kasten core. A jumbo kasten core is two kasten cores welded together giving us a core twice the length and twice the work. Thanks to the dedication of the team we plowed through it. Good tunes were played and I broke out my last bag of M&M's. We worked till our shift ended leaving the last bit for the day shift to do. After lunch several of the team went to watch a video. A few others and myself went to the bridge to watch as the last bit of continent slowly disappeared from sight. There were several icebergs still around us shining in the sun, a last testament of sorts to the adventure we were leaving behind. Every so often smaller "bergy bits" came by, a few with penguins on them. I savored these last moments, staying up past the last iceberg in sight. I knew that there were others ahead but the day was long and sleep was well needed. I caught the rabbit waving good bye. He had had a great adventure which I hope to share with you in a book when I return. I slept lightly, waking up to glance out of our window just in case there was more ice to be seen. When our shift started at midnight the radar was clear of green blips indicating icebergs... we had left the continent but not without the best aurora yet. All of us were up on the deck wrapped up against the cold, just watching as the green hues of the aurora shimmered across the sky. I guess that's Antarctica's version of farewell fireworks!*!*!

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