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24 March, 2001

-047 20 Latitude

030 58S Longitude

A sense of place

Finding a place to work can be difficult no matter how big the ship is. There isn't a spot to just set up your things and leave them. Every time I needed to add an extension to the computer I had to get it out, plug it in and then take it apart again. Sometimes this meant trying to walk up the stairs in a moving swaying ship and carrying all my attachments with out falling. I found out in short order that wasn't a good idea. I then thought of setting up in the Bio lab... Well as the bio lab was freezing, I lasted about a day. I tried working in my room but that was good only when my roommate was gone (our room is very small) but then I had an idea. Could the marine technician's build me a box with compartments for my attachments? I explained my idea to Christian, one of the MTs, and two days later a perfect little portable office appeared. It's great: I can carry the whole unit upstairs or downstairs and set my office wherever I can find a niche.

This was the story of how my computer box came to be, way back at the beginning of the scientific cruise. But none of this could be possible if it wasn't for Bridget at Apple Computer. Before my trip I wanted to buy the new G-4 laptop from Apple. As they had just been released they weren't available till after I was to leave. I called several people to no avail. Just when I was ready to give up I reached Bridget. Though she wasn't able to help getting the G-4, she was able to let me borrow a G3 laptop. She and Joshua, a co-worker spent 5 hours of their time after school the day before I was to leave, installing all the programs I needed. They also showed me how to use my camera and video projector. All this while I was cleaning the room doing my semester grades and making last minute lesson plans. The pictures and the text of the Web Pages you see here are directly product of their generosity. For two individuals to take their personal time to come up and make sure I had what I needed to do this job still leaves me with a sense of amazement and deep gratitude. Using my laptop I was able to work on my writing on the bridge watching the ice and the sunsets. I had the opportunity to sit in my room and write reflections while listening to classical music. So this page is dedicated to Bridget and Joshua. Through their kindness, countless people have been informed of our travels. This penguin picture is for you Bridget.

Thanks !

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