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26 March, 2001

-040 50 Latitude

024 19 S Longitude


This is it: the day before Cape Town! We are packed and the ship has been cleaned top to bottom. Now is a time of good-byes. When the ship docks we will go back into work mode, unloading our gear and as quickly was we met, go our separate ways. I can't say thank you enough to the crew who worked with us to make this cruise the success that it was. What would have happened if Fred hadn't fixed the Bathy? In Amy's words "I would have turned the ship around"; without the Bathy taking readings from the ocean floor we wouldn't have known where to core for sediment. Then Robbie, Fred and Aaron spent sleepless days and nights trying to get our e-mail to work when our system crashed. Kathleen has been reviewing our ping edits and putting all that data together into beautiful maps worth framing. Several times Don, our Marine Projects Coordinator, has sat for hours doing ping edits when he knew we were too busy or too tired. And who can forget the guys that work tirelessly to keep our ship the beauty that she is. Their ready smiles and good-natured teasing always brought a smile to my face. Each member of the team has proven invaluable to the success of our work.

I wish I had more days to do profiles. I would have done one on Joan who is one of the marine techs on board. Joan is one of the best women sailors in the world and a great MT. I was amazed, listening to what she has done in her life. Christian is another marine tech that I had the pleasure of sharing time while we were in the Baltic room waiting for the CTD to make its run to the ocean floor and back. While waiting he talked about his life's journeys and goals. The passion for the ocean in this person is awe-inspiring. I could go on with each and every member of the crew as ALL of them have fascinating stories to share. Hopefully other Teachers in the TEA program will carry on my work, continuing to experience the age old story of science exploration. I feel privileged to share in the history of the "last continent's" discoveries. Hopefully this precious place will continue to be maintained and cared for so that future explorers can have a glimpse of a truly wondrous world. In hours the coast of Africa will be in sight, and another adventure awaits.

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