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28 March, 2001

The End

-033 54 lat / 018 25 S long

We have arrived! The Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa welcomed us. I spent the night working on my journals getting everything ready to leave. As morning approached, I headed to the bow of the ship. In the distance was a glimmer of land. The dawn was warm. I did not need my gloves here. As I sat out in the sun enjoying it's rays, a plane went overhead. The first I had seen in two months. It filled me with mixed emotions.

As we approached the shore the pilot boat came, bringing the harbor captain to safely steer the ship in. We lined the sides, scanning the sea of humanity before us. I wondered what was in the thoughts of those around me. For myself, I wanted to retreat back into the safety and simplicity of the ice. Sounds, smells, color were all so overwhelming. But the thought of fresh food quickly took hold and I joined the others as we headed toward town.

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