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5 April, 2001

Daily Update

I tried to go to Little Diomede again today. The weather was very nice in Little Diomede this morning but a blizzard was expected in Nome. Flight arrangements were cancelled. The helicopter is down now for 12 days for maintenance. Unfortunately I will not be able to go to Little Diomede during this trip. I am disappointed but I will try to stay connected by email.

I went to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. I learned how to determine the age of and characteristics of musk ox and buffalo. I was able to see and feel a musk ox and buffalo head. These heads are used for training hunters. I was amazed to see how large each head was and they weren't even full-grown!

After lunch I went to Anvil Creek Charter School to visit Todd Hindman, a former TEA and his students. Todd's class consists of 22, 5-8 grade students. I had an opportunity to discuss my TEA experiences. One of the students' assignments has been to read my journals and writing a daily summary. They were very well informed, and prepared questions prior to my arrival. I enjoyed meeting, visiting, and sharing with them.

I tried to catch a flight home tonight but the airport was closed due to blizzard conditions and low visibility. This is my second blizzard in four days! Maybe tomorrow will be clearer.

Todd and I share TEA experiences!

High speed industrial snow removal in Nome.

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