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10 August, 2000

Orientation Day 4

Last night I went to the river with several friends for a very cold swim. The river was definitely not like rivers in Tennessee. By this time in the summer, the water is usually as warm as bathwater. It was very refreshing.

Today we heard several presentations regarding research in the field. An interesting component today involved the relationship between the researcher and the TEA. It was nice to hear how the two meshed together.

We have worked hard today discussing how we would like to work with the children, the teachers, and the community to transfer our experiences and learning. The brainstorming sessions were extremely beneficial.

We plan to do a little site seeing this afternoon in the beautiful areas around Hanover. The weather has been perfect. We all have enjoyed seeing the fog in front of the mountains each morning as we have driven into CRREL. The scenery reminds me so much of the Smoky Mountains.

Here is the 2001-2002 Antarctic and Arctic Explorers!

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