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9 August, 2000

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

TEA Orientation: Day 3

Last night we had the opportunity to take a hike along a “Track to Trail” walkway. It was so nice to be able to talk to new TEA’s as well as Martin Jeffries, a researcher, and Arlyn Bruccoli, the TEA Project Coordinator. The leisurely walk was about 1 ½ miles one way and ended with a lovely lake.

Today Mary Albert from CRREL discussed her Antarctic Research. She discussed the permeability of the snow and firn. Guy Guthridge, from NSF discussed the new criteria for grant proposals. He emphasized the importance of integrating research into education and integrating diversity as the key components for grant funding. He said that the TEA program is becoming the star in this area by so strongly representing these criteria. He also read several messages from Principal Investigators regarding expectations for TEA’s. The most common thread mentioned was the importance of the TEA parcticipating as “part of the team”.

We learned about the importance of giving positive feedback in the field as well as taking experiences, reflecting on them and using them to grow and learn. Several former TEA's presented field adventures and antidotes.

This afternoon we had so much fun taking photographs and digital images of each other. We learned how to insert them into our journals. It was obvious when different TEA's were successful because you could hear the hollering!

It has been a fun day!!

Here are the future Arctic Explorers!

Here I am modeling the latest Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) parka in sunny, warm New Hampshire! I think I'll stay warm in the Arctic. I'm burning up in this coat!

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