22 November, 1996

November 22nd, 1996

This morning we finished organizing everything in our cage and here at the Crary lab. We loaded it on a truck and took it from the BFC to the helo pad after lunch. Today the helo crews will prepare the sling loads that we will be taking with us tomorrow. We also weighed ourselves. We added 20 lb. for the ECW we will be wearing tomorrow.

After we got all packed up, we went back to the lab to finish looking at some samples. The ice cores had been cut into pieces and melted. The water was filtered so that we could identify any microspheres that might be present. I looked at the filters this afternoon making a count of the beads. We finished after dinner. At around midnight we went to the Erubus for a drink to celebrate the start of a new field season. We stayed until the bar closed (just after midnight). It is very strange to walk outside into the bright sunlight. The club has no windows, so you forget it is light out!

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