25 November, 1996

November 25th, 1996

Snow Storm: Day 1

Today we had a real storm. After breakfast the visibility was deteriorating fast. It was decided that for safety's sake, we should not leave the camp area. In the morning we spent some time playing in the snow, working off some energy. We took turns pulling each other in the banana sled. Our ECW is really warm and with all the running around we had a blast. We then got the books we brought from McMurdo and headed to the cook tent to read.

After lunch, Mrs. Bennett and I decided to go take a nap. The warmest place in camp to be is inside your sleeping bag. We also though that if the weather cleared overnight we would then be ready to start work. We returned to the main tent around 6:00 for dinner. Suruj made a traditional chicken dish from Trinidad, (where he is from). It was delicious. We all had hot apple cider from concentrate for dessert and, after another trip to the pee flag, turned in for the night.

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