26 November, 1996

November 26th, 1996

Snow Storm: Day 2

This is our second day in the tent. I am still reading my book, in fact, that is all I did today. We had trouble calling in on our radio. When we did our 8:15 check-in, we could hear people talking but they couldn't here us evidently. Mac Ops started to get worried and started calling us. We first tried all our channels, which means going outside to change the shorting bars, which alters the length of the antenna. Then we got our spare radio and hand set out. We had tested two complete radios and accessories at Willie Field before we came out.

The second radio worked fine. Mac Ops said the weather should clear in 24 hours. I was then able to come in for breakfast, which tasted good, as it had taken a while to maneuver all the changes in the snow storm. Nothing else eventful happened today, which is always a good sign in weather like this. We had spaghetti and Italian sausage for dinner today.

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