2 December, 1996

December 2nd, 1996

Snowing again!

We had hoped to get to Willie today to get some more data. The conditions suggest that we should see the same features as we saw at Ferrel. However it started snowing again today, nixing those plans. So we became lab rats for a few hours in the morning. We then went to the BFC and our cage to started getting things sorted out. Suruj and Dr. Braaten will be going into the field for an overnight on Thursday. After camping we had a lot of things to do. We hung out the tents, and pointed out the tears for repair. Then we hung up the sleep kits and the ensolite pads from the tent. We also sorted through our garbage, sorting it further and washing out all recyclable (cans and jars). We did our dishes upstairs and the BFC and finished just before lunch.

After lunch I continued working on the curette samples I had started on last night. I kept and eye on the window, hoping for a break in the clouds, but one did not appear. Mrs. Bennett and I plan on trying again tomorrow. I got much of the lab work accomplished though, so the day was not wasted.

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