4 December, 1996

December 4th, 1996

Waiting for the Weather

After such good results in the field last night, Mrs. Bennett and I got up at 6:00 today to get an early start in the field. We went to breakfast and then changed into our ECW. We left all our equipment in the van last night as we got in to late to return it. After getting gas we checked it out again and drove out to Scott Base, from which we could see Willie field. It was cloudy so we decided to wait a few hours. In the mean time we went back to the lab and looked at samples.

We drove out to Scott Base at 11:00 as well, but the weather was no better. I ate lunch in my ECW. At lunch we caught up with Dr. Braaten who had been working all morning getting equipment ready to take out to Maryiln AWS on the Ross Ice Shelf. He was alone as Suruj had slammed his finger in the loading dock door. Suruj went to medical to have it examined and missed lunch. An added complication is that three eight foot long poles are missing and will have to be replaced. Back in the lab in the afternoon, I finished looking at the cuvettes. Suruj had an x-ray taken of his hand, which reveals he broke the tip of his middle finger. He will be all right tomorrow fortunately as they leave for the field. I went to mac weather to get the forecast. They predicted good weather for the next day, so I took the van back, storing our equipment under our bed.

After dinner we went to the Wednesday night evening lecture series. The researcher speaking was a French man working on digging ice cores at Vostok, a Russian station. Very interesting. I went back to the lab and worked until midnight. Then I took a quick shower and went to bed.

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