9 December, 1996

December 9th, 1996

Flight to Christchurch

Today we returned to Christchurch aboard a LC-130. This is a C-130 with skis. They avoid using the skis until it is absolutely necessary as the planes can't carry as much weight. They also are a little slower. We all meet at the building where we turned in our luggage. We boarded a bus and then drove down to Willie field where we waited for our plane to be fueled. I walked around on the tarmac for a while talking to Jim Chambers and taking pictures. Mr. Chambers was the ASA representative in McMurdo. He was returning to the ASA offices in Colorado. He told me about the plans for the New South Pole Station. There was a specially designed sled on the tarmac. It had been build to unload prefabricated parts at the new South Pole. It could hold a solid piece several pallets long.

As we boarded the plane we were given sack lunches for on the way home. There was less room on this flight than before. When we returned to Christchurch we were again loaded on a bus and driven to the terminal. We walked through the airport in our ECW and went through customs. We collected our luggage off the carousel just as I had when I flew from Brisbane to Christchurch.

After customs we went to the CDC to turn in our ECW and collect our luggage we left in McMurdo. I had everything except the one glove I lost. after turning everything in we went to our lodgings. I will collect my ticket tomorrow. I will be touring New Zealand and returning to Rockhampton, Queensland for Christmas with my family.

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