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21 January, 2003

ECW Gear

Today my 8th graders learned about the Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) gear that I will soon be wearing. We discussed the materials used to make each arcticle and the overall function of each layer. Students then volunteered to wear the gear into our school's walk-in freezer. Armed with two thermometers and a walky-talkie, the student waddled into the freezer. After a few minutes, he or she radioed in the temperature inside the freezer as well as the temperature inside the parka. All agreed that even though it was less than 0F inside the freezer, they were warm and toasty in their Extreme Cold Weather Gear.

Balaclavas help protect your face

Demonstrating the benefits of the red parka

Model #1

Model #2

Model #3

Ready for the freezer

All warm and toasty

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