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23 January, 2003

Dressed for Success

As Bradenton residents are turning up the heat and grabbing extra coats in preparation for tomorrow's low temperatures, students at Ballard Elementary School found out what it is really like to dress for cold weather. Upon hearing about my upcoming Antarctic experience, teacher Lynn Corombos invited me to visit her school. Needless to say, I was thrilled to learn that the entire third grade was in the middle of studying the polar regions. I brought along my orange duffel bag of.ECW (extreme cold weather) gear, hoping it would provide a perfect BTE ("being there" experience) for the students.

The gear was a big hit and one student even demonstrated his lifeskill of courage by volunteering to model the gear. I think the enormous amount of gear was an eye-opening experience, as we rarely have to wear more than two layers in Florida. Once all the layers were on, it was into the school's walk-in freezer to demonstrate the gear's ability to keep us warm. While the temperature in the freezer was well below freezing, the temperature inside Ricky's parka was a good 60-70 degrees warmer.

It truly was a lovely morning. I was impressed by the students' questions and their enthusiasm was contagious. A big thank you goes out to Ms. Corombos, the entire team of 3rd grade teachers, and the fantastic students of Ballard Elementary School.

Like in Florida, it is important to protect your eyes in Antarctica

Bunny Boots!

No ECW gear is complete without the famous red parka

Into the freezer

ECW Gear bag

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