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13 November, 2003

And So The Journey Begins...

After a year and half of anxiously awaiting, I'm actually on my way. This trip always seemed so far away and it wasn't until this week that it finally hit me. I'm going to Antarctica!

I must admit leaving my family, friends, and students was harder than I'd ever imagined. While I've left on many trips, none were ever for this long or to a place so far away. And while I left with much excitement, I must admit I'm a little nervous. It is also hard leaving those special people who are the very reason why I'm about to have this amazing experience. They have unselfishly supported me through this whole process and I only wish they too could experience this with me.

Through our tearful goodbyes I couldn't help but to think of the brave men who ventured off to explore strange worlds and the courageous members of our armed forces who are currently serving overseas. I realized then how fortunately I really am. I have an idea about what to expect, can be somewhat assured that I will be safe, and have an idea as to about when I'll be returning. These brave men and women do not/did not have this luxury.

And so as I wait in the LA airport, my sadness turns back to excitement. I've been waiting for this for a VERY long time, and know I have a support group, who although may be far away will always be close to my heart.

Ready or not, Antarctica, here I come!

A sign posted in the LA airport. Can you find my flight? Do you know the location of the other cities listed on this sign? If not, look them up!

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