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7 March, 2003

Antarctica BTE (Being There Experience)

Today our eighth graders traveled to the Antarctica as part of their interdisciplinary study of the continent. Teachers Linda Fryer, Sarah VanZytveld, Tin Nguyen, and I designed a full day event in which students rotated through stations to rescued lost teammates in a whiteout simulation, read polar poetry, parcticipate in polar trivia games, and analyze the nutritional value of polar food field packs. Students also made emergency mukluks out of t-shirts and carpet squares; which were then tested as they walked across a small ice field. In addition, invited guests and visitors were given tours of the Antarctic research station and were shown displays of student work.

Students explaining the function of each room of the station

Greeting visitors at the station's entrance

Our BTE even included a visit from "A. Penguin"

Students wearing buckets to simulate a whiteout

Extending the line to find a lost teammate

A display board explaining the station building process

Students looking at the display boards showcasing examples of student work and activities

Although our ice field was almost melted, these students enjoyed testing out their mukluks.

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