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Hi there! My name is Jennifer Curtis. Having a deep love for the Antarctic, I am eagerly awaiting my journey south! My interests in Antarctica began as I read Alfred Lansing's book Endurance. This awesome account of Shackleton's adventures stirred in me an intense longing to visit the continent. What once seemed an impossible dream for me has now become very much a reality! I am so fortunate! I can't wait!!

A lot of exciting things have been happening in my life lately! áIn January of 2001 I finished my Masterĺ─˘s Degree in School Administration. (What a relief!!) áIn February I moved from Rhode Island to Washington State (a long way!) to plan for my wedding and to get a head start in sharing my future Antarctic travels with the students and community of Marysville, WA. In June I married the most wonderful man in the world named Scott. We have lots of fun playing with our Yellow Labrador named Jake (He weighs ninety pounds!) and our two kitties named Molly and Sherman. Our house is a busy one!

This coming school year I will be working as a Science Specialist for grades K-5 at Shoultes Elementary School in Marysville. I am looking forward to teaching and getting to know all of the students at Shoultes! We are going to have fun!

I am very excited to have been selected as a parcticipant in Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic. This opportunity will be a fantastic learning experience for everyone. The on-going communication that I will have with my students while I am in the field will give us all a chance to experience the wonders and realities of Antarctica. I look forward to the adventures that lie ahead!

Check back to learn what research Jennifer will be doing in Antarctica!

Be sure to check out the images in the journal entries!

August 2000

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