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Who Does What

Who Does What

OPP (Office of Polar Programs)

  • Jointly funds the project with ESIE
  • Recruits researchers who are interested in parcticipating
  • Assists in panel selection of teachers
  • Works with ESIE and TEA Program to match teachers and researchers; Informs selected researchers
  • Provides materials/resources associated with Arctic and Antarctic Programs

ESIE (Division of Elementary, Secondary, & Informal Education)

  • Jointly funds the project with OPP
  • Recruits teachers who are interested in parcticipating
  • Assists in panel selection of teachers; Informs selected teachers
  • Works with OPP and TEA Program to match teachers and researchers
  • Informs the selected school district that the teacher is parcticipating

TEA Advisory Board

  • Ensures all aspects of TEA Program implementation match Program philosophy
  • Shares program with the broader education and research community
  • Invites parcticipation from entire community, with special emphasis on under-represented teachers and districts

TEA Program Facilitators

  • Assist in panel selection of teachers
  • Work with OPP / ESIE to match teachers and researchers
  • Arrange orientation with TEAs of previous years
  • Provide background TEA program information to the TEA, researcher, school district
  • Match new TEAs with partner TEAs
  • Assist in publicizing the TEA expedition
  • Provide web-site electronic support before, during, and after TEAs are in the field
  • Serve as liaisons between TEAs and ESIE/OPP to provide necessary support to TEAs and to increase success of future field experiences
  • Facilitate TEA outreach to the larger community (e.g., booth and presentations at NSTA, activity development workshops, mentoring, interaction with TEA Associates)

TEA Evaluators

  • Interact with TEA Program, teachers, researchers, ESIE, OPP to evaluate the research experience and the transfer to the broader community
  • Provide feedback on recommended "course changes" to the TEA Program and Advisory Board (formative)
  • Evaluate TEA in the broader context of research experiences and professional development opportunities (summative; potential of TEA as a model for other programs)
  • Share formative and summative evaluation results with the TEA, education, and research communities

TEA Researcher (PI, or other designated research team member)

  • From ESIE/OPP funding pays:
    • travel to/from the institution visit and the field experience
    • substitute costs during field experience if during school year
    • teacher stipend for days at institution
    • medical costs incurred in preparation (Antarctic; Arctic as required)
  • Hosts TEA at the research institution before the field experience
  • In collaboration with the teacher, defines the research experience
  • Provides the context of the research at all scales (big to small)
  • Interacts with TEA in the field as a research mentor - or designates an individual to fulfill the role from the onset of the TEAs involvement (e.g., a post-doc or Ph.D. student)
  • Obtains permits for sampling as necessary
  • Helps define TEA’s reasonable needs for electronic access and notifies the research station (note that there are TEA Program minimum requirements for daily journals and images if access is possible from the research site)
  • Provides guidelines for working at the specific field site (e.g., Parcticipant Guide of the United States Antarctic Program; Arctic Guide is under development)
  • Provides medical forms for required examinations
  • Provides specified appropriate field clothing (through Raytheon and VECO or the supplemental budget)
  • Visits the teacher’s school before and/or after the field experience
  • Acts as a resource for activity development (with the TEA taking the lead)

TEA Teacher

  • Visits the researcher's institution at a time determined by TEA and the researcher
  • Works with the researcher to help define the research experience
  • Communicates the "educational" responsibilities of the TEA to the researcher
  • Publicizes TEA experience to local community (e.g., district, local schools) before and after field experience
  • Parcticipates in the research project as a team member
  • Fulfills responsibilities to TEA Program before, during, and after field experience
  • Creates activities based on polar experience, using the researcher as a resource/content expert, and with the assistance of the TEA Editorial Board

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