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McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Betty Trummel

a) contact list--establish this early on to maximize communication later

b) read everything you can

c) get materials together to take with you...depending on research site d) talk with previous TEA's as much as possible e) visiting PI is a key time to gather information

a) what will you need to communicate effectively with folks back home...cameras (digital, 35 mm), film, disks, written journal, laptop computer, etc...

b) any clothing that you might want of your own, instead of ECW gear

a) sending materials out to schools...well before departure date

b) giving talks to students and teachers before your departure establishes a relationship and sets the stage for them to follow you

c) how will you record your experience?

d) prepare a "care package" for yourself and mail it ahead of time...nice to get that package later on

e) organize support from back home...people you KNOW will communicate regularly

f) use your visit to your PI as a jumping off point to start your journal and try the system out

Get in shape!! It helps when wearing all of the gear and lugging things around!

Team Interaction
a) be an active member of the reserach team, and keep communicating about your role in the group, and your TEA responsibilities

b) share what you are doing with your team (as far as journals, photos, etc...)--my team loved to be featured with photos, etc...as we went about our research

c) they get stressed about their projects/research...don't take it personally....just keep being helpful when they are "under the gun" to get things done.

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