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Resources Especially for Younger Students

Summer Ice-Life along the Antarctic Peninsula Bruce McMillan 1995 Highly recommended by Betty. She liked the text, and photographs. "More than just a simple children's book."

Antarctica -The Last Unspoiled Continent Lawrence Pringle 1992 History, science and scientific methodology.

Investigating the Ozone Hole Rebecca Johnson

Polar Wildlife Kamini Khanduri Usborne World Wildlife Series Available from the International Antarctic Centre, Education Programme Resources () The biota of both poles.

North and South Poles Kids Discover August/September 1991 Good comparison of the poles. Can still order at (212) 242-5133

Antarctica - A New True Book Lynn Stone 1985 Beginners book of facts. Glossary.

Antarctica - The Challenge David Massam 1991 The challenge of living and working on the highest, the driest and the windiest. New Zealand book, distributed in the U.S. by Rigby, Crystal Lake

Little Penguin Patrick Benson 1990 Compares the 2 types of Antarctic penguins - Emperor and Adelie.

Puffins Climb, Penguins Rhyme Bruce McMillan 1995 Visit both poles. Beautiful color photos and rhymes.

Pomona-the Birth of a Penguin Catherine Paladino 1991 Follows a penguin from egg to life with other penguins at the New England Aquarium in Boston.

Penguin-Zoobooks John Bonnett Wexo 1990 Creative Education

The Penguin Family Book Lauritz Somme and Sybille Kalas
translated by Patricia Crampton Detailed information and color photographs - 4th grade and up.

Icebergs Jenny Wood 1990 Complete beginners book on bergs. Working, living on icebergs, activities and stories.

Atlas of Exploration Dinah Starkey 1993 Resource for all exploration - use it to start the fascinating polar adventures with younger children.

Year of the Emperor Ellen Lambeth Ranger Rick Dec 1996

Antarctica Odyssey January 1994

Emperors of the Ice Glen Oeland National Geographic March 1996

These Pops are Tops National Geographic World Dec 1997 Antarctic map and game

Polar Connections Exploring the World's Natural Laboratories NSF's 1998 National Science and Technology Week. NSF Arlington, Virginia (also see the web site: www.nsf.gov/od/lpa/nstw/teach/nstw98)

Special Issue-Antarctica Ranger Rick Magazine Feb 1984

Oasis Under the Ice Jim Mastro International Wildlife Nov/Dec 1997

Hot Science in Cold Lands John Carey International Wildlife April/May1991

Journey into the Cold Unknown Jane E. Stevens International Wildlife Jan/Feb 1996

Getting to the South Pole Children's Television Workshop (800) 228-4630

Antarctic Animals - Living on the Edge Children's Television Workshop (800) 228-4630

Odyssey to Antarctica Newton's Apple (800) 228-4630

Many of the sites in the Electronic section above have curricula or teaching ideas. Check them out!

Southpole Adventure Pagehttp://southpole.com Teaching ideas, links. In 1997 Janice vanCleve and Cara's Randy Landsberg took students to Antarctica. Activities. Adaptable for younger students.

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