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Living and working in Remote Field camps
Greenland Summit Camp

High altitude
  • Travel to high altitude can be difficult be aware of the symptoms of altitude sickness
  • Drink plenty of water before arriving / during your stay carry a water bottle
  • The first 4 days are the most difficult and dangerous, be very careful
  • Take it easy - no strenuous exercise
  • Take aspirin or Tylenol for your headache
  • Consider diamox to avoid problems


  • Avoid direct contact with the snow
  • Dress in layers - use synthetics / no cotton!
  • Stand on a foam pd whenever you can ( crazy creek chair)
  • Have multiple socks, gloves and hats
  • Be aware of your temperature adjust BEFORE becoming cold or HOT
  • Keep moving in the cold, dance around while waiting for something to happen
  • Sleep with socks and a hooded sweatshirt (fleece)
  • Take a bottle of boiling water to bed with you in a leakproof container!


  • Wear Gore-Tex windstopper fabrics
  • Put waterless cream such as dermatone on your face
  • Always stand with your back to the wind


  • Be extra aware of how you move and use tools
  • Cold wind low visibility all make accidents happen, be careful

People and getting along

  • Close quarters can be stressful, find ways to make your own space, take a walk, listen to music
  • Think before you act or speak , be conscious of your personality, don't overwhelm!
  • Help out more than you think is needed
  • Smile and be friendly to everyone
  • Keep your problems in check - don't overshare
  • Do everything you learned in Kindergarten

Hygiene and Health

  • Wash your hands after using the toilet
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Take vitamins - you wont see many freshies
  • Wet wipes for cleanups btw showers
  • Do not go on a diet!


  • Be flexible - the cooks try very hard, but you may not get what you really want
  • Be an Omnivore
  • Take a few emergency powerbars - esp helpful if you miss a meal because you were working -- and for the flights in and out!
  • Take a water bottle with you everywhere
  • Sunday is the cooks day off - feel free to help out if you have time


  • You can ( usually) do laundry every week.
  • Take layers so you can adjust easily
  • Indoors in the lab areas - clogs are good and slippers in the big house for meals and relaxing let you boots dry out while you are indoors
  • You probably wont need the big white bunny boots - sorrels were enough for me


  • The best anywhere!
  • Satellite internet and network
  • You'll need an airport or wireless card
  • Great connection
  • Website for more details www.summitcamp.org

Science clean air sector

  • Many experiments are going on here, tread carefully
  • Ask before you dig or move anything!
  • Some experiments are buried watch where you walk
  • Many experiments involve wearing a clean suit and gloves - ask!


  • You can ski / walk on the groomed skiway ( 5 km) but ask and be sure it's OK
  • There are plenty of books, magazines and videos
  • Holidays of all types are celebrated - bring decorations for your favorite
  • Internet radio is available
  • You can recharge all types of batteries - plenty of electricity

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