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27 January, 2003

Goodbye to the Dry Valleys and Thank You

We are preparing to leave Bull Pass and tomorrow morning will return to McMurdo. I truly hope that you have enjoyed these journal arcticles and have gained an appreciation for the daily life, science, and beauty of this region of the world.

I would like to thank so many people but in parcticular: Karen Joyce of the Crary Lab for posting my entries which I sent to McMurdo by disk. The entire JHU team Dr. Bruce Marsh, Karina Zavala, Amanda Charrier, Sarah Fowler, and especially my tentmate Taber Hersum. These are exceptional people with whom I shared an extraordinary experience. The Yarmouth School District for allowing me to parcticipate in this program and the math and science teachers of Yarmouth High School for their support. Yarmouth teachers Rick Biskup, Roberto Borda, and Ira Warshaw for their constant encouragement and enthusiasm. TEA coordinators Stephanie Shipp and Arlyn Bruccoli for all their assistance, advice, and positive feedback.

Most importantly my best friend, constant companion, and wonderful wife Kathy who has supported me in everything I've ever wanted to do. Thank you.

1. It has been a privilege to work with the Johns Hopkins University group

2. Goodbye from Bull Pass

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