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29 December, 1999

Hello, everyone ! I have made it to Christchurch after a long nite on the plane. I lost track of time. I think it toook about 13 hours to Aukland, then a couple more to the South Island and Christchurch. Once here, everything was waiting... within two hours I have picked up and tried on two big duffels of extreme cold weather gear (ECW) Its all good stuff. I was a little nervous leaving Colorado without any gloves or even a decent parka. No worries, mate (as they all say here) Ive got more warm clothing than you can imagine! I am already scheduled to fly to the ice tomorrow (30th) at 7 am. No waiting around here! Hopefully the weather will be good. I have heard that if the weather is bad, they will turn back half way and try again the next day. I want to break in the new millenium in McMurdo ! Happy new year's to all.

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