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30 December, 1999

I am presently sitting here with my expedition weight polypro, pile farmer johns, insulated goretex bibs, size 14 bunny boots, polar expedition parka with fur face trim,etc. etc. etc. We had to put on all our gear as we wait to board the Hercules transport plane in a few minutes.Of course here in New Zealand the temp is nice and warm, so with all the gear, I am more than a little warm ! It seems a little silly now but I guess that the plane is not temperature regulated very well.

The flight to McMurdo is 8 hours if all goes well.. There is a big group of us going down. There are vulcanologists going to the dry valleys, radio astronomers going tho the south pole, seal people and some penguin people like myself. There is an amazing number of different projects taking place here. Alot of the people on todays flight have been to Antarctica five or ten times. Then there are a few newbies like myself.

Gotta go now, I have a plane to catch !

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