22 August, 1999

Aloha from Greenland, We awoke to a day with no clouds in the sky. People were already out and about walking. Today is the day of the regatta. There will be a competition at a small pond on the base. The craft have to be built or salvaged from spare supplies on base.

We breakfasted and then walked over to the grounds for the regatta. The base has a baseball diamond, golf course, and soccer field in the same area. The gym is a large structure also near that area. There is a weekly compulsory aerobic exercise component for the soldiers and the gym is well equipped.

The regatta was just to begin when we got there and there was a handful of people including the base commander. There were four entries. Most utilized empty 55 gallon drums with various stabilizing devices and paddles; but the successful boat was poled by three guys on a pontoon type raft. The losers were actually more entertaining and received the most cheers which I hope helped warm their bodies after falling in so many times.

Lunch and then I returned to the waterfall with Jack because he wanted to shoot some more pictures, as did I with so much sunshine. Enjoy.

Hopefully tomorrow we will get the final word on Our project permit.

This is a bee I found pollinating the national flower of Greenland, Chamaenerion latifolium.

A jewel lichaen that grows on carbonate rocks only.

Large stones in foreground are abundent in the landscape; in the background is Uvdle, one mountain in the Thule landscape.

The arctic poppy,which along with the willow, cotton grass, and wild blueberries, abounds in the area.

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